KACHASU V THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: Patriotism & Law in Zambia

In a democratic society where the rule of Law should abound, it becomes of utmost importance for a people of a country to be patriotic. A patriot is defined by Encarta dictionaries as “A proud supporter or defender of his country and its way of life.” Now, ask any Chinese man to what he thinks the greatest nation on earth is; chances are that he would probably say China. The same goes for the Americans, Japanese and people from the United Kingdom. But think about it. Walk the street today and ask any Zambian to what he thinks the greatest Nation on earth is and I can bet he would say such and such a country…

Now that’s Patriotism

As for me, unequivocally and with every fiber of my being, I believe Zambia is the greatest Nation on earth. Doesn’t matter how powerful and influential the rest of the Nations are, that’s my conviction. So, what does this have to do with anything related to the Law? Well, unlike Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, the Law is a creation of the people it governs. In an Islamic state, chances are that you would have Islamic Law. In a French state, chances are that you would have French law. In a yoyo people state, chances are that you would have yoyo people law. Do you see the pattern here?

So, why is it that the average person in Zambia is so unconcerned about the Law that governs him? Well, there are multiple reasons: Language Barriers, Expensive Legal fees, Misconceptions and the biggest of them all, Lack of Patriotism. We simply don’t love our country enough.

Now, let us look at the case of Kachusa v The Attorney General as an example. This was a case of a young girl who refused to salute to the National flag because she was a Jehovah’s Witness…

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