KACHASU V THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: Patriotism & Law in Zambia

He further added, “Bearing in mind the compelling consideration; particularly at the present time, of national unity and national security, without which there can be no certainty of public safety nor guarantee of individual rights and freedoms, I think it is a reasonable requirement that pupils in Government and aided schools should sing the national anthem and salute the national flag. I certainly cannot see that it is unreasonable – which is substantially what the applicant has to prove; and if a thing is not unreasonable then surely it must be reasonable. There is little, if any, room for anything in between.”

As we can see, the Court had to assess the intention of regulations that were supposedly to be in contravention with the Bill of Rights. Upon heavy scrutiny, they came to the conclusion that saluting the National flag and singing of the National anthem was suppose to be seen as an act of patriotism. Its only through patriotism that a country could unite.

So, from the case above, we can see that the relationship between the law and patriotism is strong. We have to learn, if ever more so, that in a country such as our own, a love for it would bring about a totally different atmosphere to the realm of leadership. I often times talk about leadership and how one can access the potential within. But do you know that the toughest people to lead are those without love and conviction for what they do? Of course, you could say it is the job of the leader to impart that conviction to which I absolutely agree because that’s exactly what I am doing here.  A love for one’s country goes a long way in knowing its laws… (pause. If you have read this far, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you!!!)

So, anyway, as Vigilante Scholars, our job is not only to enlighten the masses on the Law but also to instill a sense of patriotism in all of them. Because you know what? That’s a first step in participating in the governance of this great Nation. If more and more people participate in this, chances are that we would be able to see more progress than ever before. What has to be done for Zambia must be done by Zambians.

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